United Way of the Inland Valleys

2019 Request for Proposals (RFP)



United Way of the Inland Valleys (UWIV) is pleased to announce the release of the Request for Proposals (RFP) for its 2019 Community Impact and Capacity grants process. The RFP will cover the program period of January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019. 

The mission of the United Way of the Inland Valleys is to unite people, ideas, and resources with the community to improve lives. UWIV is committed to creating lasting change with measurable improvements for our communities. Our vision is to create a thriving community where adults and children have equal access to Education, Financial Stability, and Housing, which are the building blocks to self-sufficiency and a high quality of life. 

As part of that commitment, UWIV invests in organizations that provide programs and services that are in alignment with our strategic priorities.  

Focus Areas  Strategic Priorities/Investment Areas 

1. Education 

Programs that supply/support STEM-based education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) 

Tutoring or other programs that will increase the reading and math proficiency of elementary and middle school students 

● Programs focused on increasing students’ interest in local colleges 

● Programs focused on facilitating college/vocational preparation 

● Programs focused on facilitating career placement assistance and/or training 

Programs providing English as a Second Language (ESL) courses for youth in our service area 

● Programs focused on increasing high school and college graduation rates 

● Programs focused on mental health awareness/prevention/treatment

2. Financial   Stability (Income)

Types of programs that would fall under this category include but are not limited to: 

● Programs focused on increasing financial independence 

Programs focused on increasing employment opportunities through coaching and job preparation 

Programs focused on increasing income and savings 

Programs focused on overcoming barriers leading to financial stability

3. Housing

Types of programs that would fall under this category include but are not limited to: 

Programs focused on improving access to affordable housing 

● Programs focused on helping individuals and/or families reduce debt 

● Programs focused on providing housing for foster and/or homeless youth 

● Programs focused on emergency housing/shelter 

● Programs focused on housing homeless 

General Information and Community Funding Strategy

The mission of the United Way of the Inland Valleys is to unite people, ideas, and resources with the community to improve lives. UWIV seeks to achieve its mission in Western Riverside County by: 

Utilizing strategies and delivering programs that provide cost effective, measurable results 

o Prioritizing needs in Education, Financial Stability, and Housing 

Administering an agency that has sound fiscal and management practices 

Fostering efforts that build lasting collaboration and strong partnerships 

o Forming innovative and effective partnerships with other organizations to improve overall well-being 

Addressing the root causes of problems that challenge our community 

Leveraging community resources beyond funding provided by UWIV Community Impact grants 

Who is Eligible for Funding? 

Organizations that provide human service programs in Western Riverside County focused on Education, Financial Stability, and Housing are eligible to apply. Only organizations that hold a valid Internal Revenue Service determination letter that the organization is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization are eligible for funding. A copy of the IRS tax-exempt determination letter must accompany the proposal. Organizations must have an IRS Form 990, plus attachments, for the most recently completed fiscal year. 

Collaborative partnerships are encouraged.  Please remember that your programs need to fit our funding priorities!

What is the Process?

Grants for Which You May Request Funding (An agency may only submit an application for EITHER a Safety Net Grant OR an Impact Grant. However, an agency may apply for a Capacity Grant IN ADDITION TO one of the grants listed below. Please see the Capacity Grant RFP for more information). 

The 2019 funding year will be the last year for Safety Net grants. Starting with the 2020 funding year, United Way of the Inland Valleys, in alignment with United Way Worldwide priorities, will be granting Impact, Capacity, and Special Initiative grants. 

For safety net funded partners, United Way of the Inland Valleys will provide in house pro-bono fundraising consulting and plan design. If interested, please contact for more information. 


Safety Net Grants 

o Immediate impact grants 

o Must be able to provide programmatic outputs and anecdotal success stories 

o Food pantries, homeless shelters, etc. would fall under this type of grant 

o Must be used for the direct cost of the program (food, vouchers, clothing, rent, etc.) 

o Utilize an innovative approach to providing recognition of UWIV’s support of your agency 

o The maximum grant request for this type of grant is $10,000. 

Examples of safety net grants: Food pantries, emergency shelter expenses, clothing 



Impact Grants 

o Lasting impact grants 

o Must be able to provide measurable outcomes 

o Can be used to cover administrative expenses (staffing, supplies, rent, etc.) required to support the program 

o Utilize an innovative approach to providing recognition of UWIV’s support of your agency 

o The maximum grant request for this type of grant is $25,000. Grants awarded annually and can only be used to cover up to 25% of the program budget. 

Examples of impact grants: Education, Financial Stability, Housing 

Capacity Grants

  • Offered quarterly
  • Can apply for this grant in addition to EITHER a Safety Net grant OR an Impact grant
  • The maximum grant award is $1,000 Examples of capacity grants: Professional development (Fundraising, leadership, branding, social media, etc.), technology upgrades, collaborative opportunities, consulting/coaching)



Funding Guidelines for Grants Awarded for 2019 

1. Community Impact Grants cannot be used for capital expenditures such as building, plans, construction, or renovation. 

2. Funds cannot be used for political campaigns. 

3. Funds cannot be used for religious instruction or proselytizing. 

4. Funds cannot be used for non-human service programs (such as dog shelters) but can be used for service/therapy animal programs. 

5. Funds cannot be used for loan payments or deficit spending. 

6. Organizations that are awarded grants will be required to submit interim semi-annual reports and must be open to occasional scheduled site visits. 

Frequently Asked Questions 



Why does United Way of the Inland Valleys focus more deeply on specific issues? Like most organizations, we are challenged to meet the needs of our constituents and effectively drive change with limited resources. By investing strategically in a streamlined set of priorities that align with our organizational goals, we are able to make a more meaningful and measurable impact in the communities we serve. 


How do I apply for a grant? 

UWIV will release its RFP on the website for your convenience (please see the dates listed on Page 2). Once the application is released via website & email, you will be able to click on the link. Once you click the link, it will take you to pre-qualification questions. If you pre-qualify, you will automatically be directed to our 2019 funding application. For those organizations who have applied in the past, one change we made to the process this year is we will be using SurveyMonkey Apply. This software will allow you to apply with ease. 


Will grants be awarded for one year or multiple years? Grants will be awarded for a period of one year. 


Should I still apply if we have not been previously funded or currently funded by United Way of the Inland Valleys? YES! UWIV welcomes new potential programs for funding. Current grantees or organizations that have received funding in prior years are not given special consideration by the grant review committee. 


How does organizational size affect ability to compete? It doesn’t. Organizational size is not a factor in evaluating applicants. Funding decisions are based on alignment with the priorities of United Way of the Inland Valleys and the applicant’s ability to demonstrate tangible, measurable results. 


Can I get feedback about our previous year’s grant application? Yes! If you have any questions regarding a grant application you submitted last year, please send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Who reviews the final grant applications? The application process is overseen by UWIV in partnership with its Community Impact Committee, which is comprised of eight to ten highly-engaged external professionals. Together, they represent our board, local corporations, local nonprofits, and other community representatives. External reviewers are selected from academia and the public and private sectors based upon their experience and knowledge of community needs. As diversity is also an important factor, we have made certain the entire region is represented. 


Reviewers are also thoroughly vetted for any conflicts of interest. Throughout the rigorous review process, reviewers utilize assessment tools to rate applications (which will be anonymous) based on their quality, alignment with UWIV’s funding priorities, and ability to demonstrate measurable results in their respective area of focus. 

Have questions or need technical assistance?

Have questions or need technical assistance? Please email Jennifer Thornton at or Cordell Thomas at